Gray Malin x S'well

Gray Malin x S'well Bottle Bondi Beach

I love S'well bottles. They keep cold drinks cold for 12 hours and hot drinks hot for 24 hours (!) and come in such fun patterns. S'well has partnered with photographer Gray Malin on beautiful & beachy bottles in a limited edition collection. Malin lends his aerial photography on 4 bottles. I snatched up the Bondi Beach one (after seeing the collection on a Boston blogger's Instagram), and there are 3 others that are equally awesome. Want one too? Hurry, they collection is selling out quick(!) but they are available on several sites.
Gray Malin x S'well Bottles collaboration

All photos via S'well except first one by me.


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  1. YES! I was eyeing these too the other day and I do need a new water bottle.....


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