Wedding Update #3

Yesterday officially marked 4 weeks until I am a Mrs. (OMG)! I'll try to squeeze in 1 more update before the big day.

Mom's wedding dress (now known as my rehearsal dinner dress): In my second update earlier this year, I talked about how we are working with a local dress maker to have my mom's wedding dress re-made into a dress for me for the rehearsal dinner. We started the process in May and now end of August, it's nearly done and looking amazing! I can't wait to share the process and before & after. 
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Flowers, decorations, paper, and alllll those special details: All my "vendors" that we booked last year (and haven't spoke to since!) have reached out, so we are finalizing the music, floral design, etc. It's, frankly, overwhelming but thank goodness DC is supportive, my family is so helpful, and my bridesmaids have chipped in. The credit card has gotten lots of work lately (ha!) purchasing all those goodies for the ceremony & reception, and I can't wait to see it all come together. I worked with Gus & Ruby Letterpress in New Hampshire for our invitations and day-of paper products. More to come on this in a separate post, as well, as my friend in Texas lended her talent to create a custom suite that I just love.
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Wedding Dreams Nightmares: Any other brides experience nightmares about their wedding? I have at least 2 per week. The most recent one was that the day-of planner didn't set up any of the stuff/decorations that we had provided. The venue was a weird, very dark and old function place (aka the opposite of our venue). I sobbed the entire dream (lol) and am surprised I didn't wake up crying! Thankfully, when I did wake up, I thought to myself "that was ridiculous"!

What else?! I am sure there is more but certainly check out my #cusedeucegettingmarried feed to follow along!

PS: See the other 2 updates here.


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  1. Haha I'm already getting engagement nightmares, lots to think about! See you in a few weeks!



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