Friday Faves | 9.16.16

This will be my last Friday Faves for a couple weeks as next Friday really kicks off our wedding weekend...9 days to go, omg! I have 2 posts next week - one is a wedding update - and the other is my fall shopping wish list.  Have a great, official last summer weekend (fall starts next week!) and here are my faves of this week.

I am loving kimchee lately so wanting to make these kimchee nachos for watching an upcoming Patriots game.
Kimchee Nachos via coco & kelley
Image via Coco & Kelley
Ha! This is so gonna be me packing for Hawaii (our honeymoon!) this weekend.
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This live edge coffee table DIY seems much more do-able than I would've thought!




  1. woohoo the wedding is so soon!! :)

    i'm so the same way packing for vacation. Our next one is Iceland though and i KNOW I don't need 32 shirts!!

  2. 9 days to go, OMG!!! So exciting!


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