Honeymoon destination: cross-country road trip

I’m Kate from Domestikatedlife and Jaime asked me, along with a few other bloggers, to share our honeymoon stories while she is off enjoying her own much-deserved honeymoon! 
cross-country road trip honeymoon

We took a non-traditional route for our honeymoon – no resorts or beaches for us – and decided to plan a cross-county road trip for our post-wedding celebration.  I’m an extreme type-A planner, and treated our wedding like the ultimate test of my project management skills. So for our honeymoon, I really wanted something that was the complete opposite of that spreadsheet-managed experience and go a more spontaneous route. A road trip felt like such an amazing adventure, and allowed us to be very flexible with planning and our budget. In fact, before we left for our honeymoon we only made two definitive plans: We had a time and place to pick up our rental car the day before after our wedding, and we had flights booked back at the end of two weeks from LA. Everything between Boston and that last flight out of LA was completely unplanned and made for the best experience. 
cross-country road trip honeymoon

When we first told people we were going to drive cross-country for our honeymoon, we got lots of ‘well, if your marriage can last that, I guess it’s meant to be’ comments. I’m happy to say we proved the naysayers wrong: we’re still married! And we had so, so, so much fun on our trip, we saw so many amazing places and landmarks. 
cross-country road trip honeymoon

We took in a game at Wrigley when we were in Chicago, we wandered around the Nelson Atkins museum in Kansas City, saw a concert at Red Rocks in Colorado, drove through Arches National Park in Moab, and hit up the strip in Las Vegas. Towards the end of the trip we stayed in Palm Springs for our day of true honeymoon relaxation by the pool. After 3700 miles we hit the Pacific Ocean, coast to coast. It was a perfect adventure to start off life as husband and wife!
cross-country road trip honeymoon

Thanks, Kate! Stay tuned for the next honeymoon destination post on Monday.


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