How to save for your honeymoon

I am on my honeymoon for the next 2 weeks (we went wheels up this morning to Hawaii!), so I have some guest Boston bloggers sharing about their honeymoons. Up first, which is only appropriate, tips from Emily of Shell Chic'd about how to save for your honeymoon. Take it away, Emily!

By the time you’re reading this, our beautiful bride Jaime will be M-A-R-R-I-E-D and most likely sipping something frozen and/or salt-rimmed on one of the most Instagrammable beaches in the world (Jaime note: YUP!).

I will be watching my wedding video and scrolling though our honeymoon photos, crying while reminiscing about when I was in her place a little over a year ago (SOAK IT UP MRS. COVAL).

We spent our honeymoon in France which was, admittedly, not the most inexpensive choice of locale. But man oh man do I think we did a pretty good job of sticking to a budget. 

I wrote this guide about saving for a trip abroad after we returned last year, but I thought I’d share a few of my most relevant tips that can be applied to wherever you’re spending your first few days as a married couple. 

1 // Plan, plan, PLAN. 
Yes, I’ve heard that you probably have enough other things to think about right now, including but not limited to flowers cake menu something blue what-to-do-if-your-flower-girl-throws-a-tantrum-backup-plan. But think of the honeymoon planning as a fun escape from the seating arrangements and shuttle service. 

I don’t even say “plan” in terms of planning out what you’re going to do every hour, every day. But think about the major things you must do and see, and figure out how you’re going to be getting there, where you’re going to be sleeping, and how you’re going to pay for it all. Here’s what’s going to cost you some dollar billz, some more obvious than others.
  • Flights
  • Accommodations
  • Travel within:: Cabs, trains, rental cars they add up! Don’t forget about the cab ride to and from the airport alone. Unless you’re lucky enough to be staying at a resort that includes shuttle service, those flat cab fees to and from airports sting. 
  • Food & Drink.:: Face it—you’re eating at least two meals out a day. Unless you’re someone who’s passionate about renting an apartment and cooking, just accept that this is your honeymoon and you deserve a break. You don’t have to eat at the fanciest restaurant in the city by any means, but those morning croissants, the baguettes et fromage—they add up too! Not to mention the cocktails and bubbly. 
  • Entry fees:: Especially if you’re traveling abroad or even to a city in the states, be aware of how much you’re going to be spending on your little tourist day trips. Museums, attractions, tours, entertainment. If you find yourself in Europe, you’re even going to be dropping a couple euros to use the public bathroom. 
  • And in drafting this plan and putting money toward the honeymoon fund, build in a buffer. Hidden costs will pop up—an outlet adapter, ATM and conversion fees, toll roads (especially in Europe), $18 Advil and tampons because you’re desperate, SUNSCREEN (that ish is expensiveeeee).

2 // Think alternatively.
  • Airbnb is 110% worth looking into. We paid probably a third of what we would have paid for a hotel when we rented our Paris apartment, and it was far nicer. 
  • Consider delaying the honeymoon. Take a few days off to rest and enjoy some quiet time with your new boo either way, but you don’t have to jet off to the tropics immediately. Perk of waiting? More time to save, AND you’ll be able to cash those gifted checks and put the money toward your trip. This will also give you more flexibility with dates—no need to fly on the most expensive days of the year if you don’t have to!

3 // Honeyfund it, honey!
  • Do you really need another cutting board? Pizza making set? If you’re registering for physical things post your bridal shower only because you feel you have to, cut the crap. If you’re stressed about setting more money aside for all of the adventure-filled parts of your honeymoon, register for them! We are always FAR more excited to gift our friends the sunset dinner or dolphin swimming excursion they so wanted to do over a juicer. 
Thanks, Emily! Stay tuned for our next honeymoon post later this week.


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