Wedding Update #4

This is it - 5 days to go! Here is my final update. :)

The dress: I have my fourth and final wedding fitting tonight and I will pick up the dress on the way to the hotel on Saturday. At my fitting last week, the dress was nearly perfect but needed a few more tweaks. When I saw it on me, fitted correctly, it was amazing; I can't wait for DC to see it!

Marriage license: Getting our marriage license, which truly I almost forgot about(!!), was so easy and kinda surreal. Just a tip, don't forget this, kinda important. ;)
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These final 2 weeks: To be honest, these final 2 weeks have been the hardest during all of the planning - even over the major craziness and my anxious feelings surrounding the venue/"vendor" search when we first got engaged last year. All of the final documents (seating chart, meal sections, forms, etc.) were due at the venue by 9/12. We had to finalize our ceremony, vows, music selection, etc. etc. etc. We had our final walk through which stirred up all sorts of "remember this"/"can't forget that" thoughts. My Type-A control freak is totally coming out and I feel quite torn on how to feel for these final weeks of planning & our engagement. Last week, part me just wanted the wedding day to come ASAP so I could be "done" with all the planning, but then I'd feel sad thinking that this was all coming to an end. I also didn't want to wish the day away. Any other brides feel conflicted during this time? Ultimately, all the people around me, have been SO helpful in lending a hand, keeping me sane, and drinking wine with me! :)
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Wedding weekend timeline: The rehearsal at the venue is Saturday midday, then we have the rehearsal dinner in a nearby town that night.  Sunday morning, the wedding day, will start early as the hair and makeup team will be at the bridal suite at 8am! A first look at 3pm, vows at 5, and the party officially kicks off at 6:30.  

Thanks for following along my wedding planning and the #cusedeucegettingmarried feed on Instagram the past year!  Our wedding will be over at #meetthecovals and our honeymoon tagged #alohacovals. Speaking of honeymoon, while I am gone, I will have several guest posts from Boston bloggers sharing where they went on their honeymoons with tips, photos & more so be sure to check back regularly over the next couple weeks. And of course, after we're back, there will be so much to share! xoxo



  1. Mazel!!! Have an amazing time this weekend!! Enjoy every minute!

  2. I can only imagine all the stress and anxiety leading up to the big day from a planning perspective. kind of why i dream of eloping ;)
    but i know it's all worth it. Can't wait until you share details and the DRESS! xo


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