Friday Faves | 10.14.16

So glad I made it through the first work week back. Looking forward to unpacking fully, doing laundry, catching up on sleep (hello, jet lag), and going to the Patriots game on Sunday - Brady is back! It's been a few weeks since Friday Faves, so enjoy these few links I've book-marked. Happy weekend!

I love the styling of this table-setting and it's an example of a good sponsored post/brand collaboration. I want those Italian plates!
Photo via Anne Sage
This view is stunning!

This roasted tomato soup sounds soooo good for a fall Sunday dinner.
Photo via Smitten Kitchen



  1. So happy it's soup season again! We just made Ina Garten's Italian wedding soup the other night!

  2. the first week back is always so hard!! happy friday!


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