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Hi! I'm Kristina of Appetite for Instruction. I got married on June 28, 2014 and had an amazing Bali honeymoon--I hope that Jaime is having a ball on hers! I’m grateful for this chance to look back and reflect on that awesome trip, because we likely won’t be venturing that far around the world for a while. Our son Parker is now 13 months old and the 1.5 hour flight to Virginia to see my family sometimes feels as long as the flights to Bali!

Our multi-city honeymoon took us to San Francisco, Hong Kong, Ubud, Nusa Dua, Seminyak, and Singapore. Both my husband and I have flexible summer schedules because we teach high school and college, and we wanted to take advantage of the frequent flier miles that he had racked up in all of his work travel. We considered places all over the world and chose Bali because it offered a good mix of culture, beaches, and cities. An adventure honeymoon with camping, ziplines, and rafting wouldn’t have appealed to us, nor would one where we tried to see every single tourist attraction (which we might have been tempted to do in a place like Italy). Our Bali honeymoon didn’t take us to the same place as America’s Next Top Model Cycle 20, but it was just as amazing!

San Francisco
Our honeymoon began in San Francisco. A lot of my family and my first Boston roommate couldn’t make it to our wedding in Boston, so we visited them for several days. We celebrated with a grocery store sheet cake that turned out to be way better than our actual wedding cupcakes.

We then progressed to Hong Kong, where we stayed  at the Intercontinental Hong Kong during an unexpected delay on our flight to Bali. We spent a lot of time relaxing at the pool and enjoyed walking around the harbor.

We then flew to Bali, where we split our time between Ubud, Nusa Dua, and Seminyak. All three had very different feels (boutique hotel in the city, big beach resort, and private villa in a city), but all were perfect for relaxing. At first I thought it was odd that all three felt so uncrowded, but then really appreciated that once we got to Singapore afterward.

In Ubud, we stayed at the Alaya Ubud, a boutique hotel with a colonial-era feel. We were right in the middle of the city, but our room overlooked rice fields and therefore had a more isolated feel.

We could easily walk to the city or to cultural attractions such as the Monkey Forest. 4-ubudcity.jpg

Our hotel provided a driver for excursions to the Elephant Safari Park, rice paddies, coffee plantation, and temple. We loved seeing and riding on elephants, wandering through the rice paddies, trying the famous kopi luwak coffee, and seeing the temple.





Our next destination was the Grand Nikko Bali in Nusa Dua, an enormous beach resort built on the side of a cliff on the east side of Bali. Fun fact from my dad: “dua” means “two” in Ilocano, his Filipino province’s dialect of Tagalog (the Filipino national language). He was surprised to see so many similarities with Indonesian words. Our room was about as big as our entire condo in Somerville! It had a balcony with a view of the Indian Ocean, a huge bedroom, a huge living room with puzzle, and 1.5 bathrooms. We also had access to a club lounge with a private infinity pool and cabanas. Most of the time, we went to the lounge for breakfast and spent the whole day swimming or relaxing (i.e., my husband going down the waterslide with his GoPro while I did New York Times crossword puzzles or knitted in a cabana) until it was time for afternoon tea. We didn't leave that resort at all during our stay because it was really isolated. You can't walk down the beach to other resorts, and going to the town required driving.

Our last stop in Bali was the Samaya in Seminyak, a beach town on the west side of Bali.  

We got the honeymoon package with our private villa, which included a spa treatment, a lunch, and a candlelight dinner on a tiny island in the middle of the main pool. The Samaya definitely pampers its guests well! When we got in, they offered us leis and drinks.


Upon arriving at our villa, we found that they had spelled "LOVE" in frangipani flowers on our doorstep, put a heart shaped flower arrangement on the bed, left a honeymoon cake and sparkling wine in the fridge, and filled the tub with frangipani flowers and roses.


The villa was definitely bigger than our apartment. The bathroom alone was the size of our living room. It had two rain showers, two sinks, and a huge tub. The living room also had the perfect puzzle table--we did two 1000-piece jigsaw puzzles.  After we realized we could get breakfast delivered to our villa, we would stay there all day and swim in our pool (where we shot our 2014 Christmas card pics).



We did actually leave for dinners because we could walk to Seminyak Square, and we did some beach lounging by the Indian Ocean. Most of the time at both beach resorts there were "Danger: No Swimming" signs up on our hotel beachfront, so we didn’t go in the ocean.


The romantic island dinner was definitely a highlight of our stay! 23-seminyakromanticdinner.jpg

On the way home, we stopped in Singapore! We enjoyed walking around Clarke Quay, eating chili crab, shopping at the mall, and revisiting our favorite Japanese izakaya that overlooks the water.

Going back down memory lane was so fun--thanks again, Jaime! Happy honeymooning!

Wow! What an amazing trip; thanks, Kristina, for sharing! Stay tuned for honeymoon stories to come in Europe.


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  1. this is amazing! what a beautiful honeymoon! I have always wanted to visit Bali.


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