Mama's Fish House Dinner

Mama's Fish House Maui

Today, I am kicking off a boat load of Hawaii honeymoon posts with one of our favorite dinners from the entire trip: Mama's Fish House. Everyone we know who had been to Maui told us that we had to eat a Mama's and make a reservation. So we did just that and had an early dinner which allowed us to take in the sights of the restaurant. I think so much about this restaurant, besides the fresh food, is the ambiance, so if you are planning a trip to Maui, make your Mama's reservation before sunset to take it all in.
Mama's Fish House Maui
Mama's Fish House Maui
Mama's Fish House Maui beach

When we arrived they gave us a little card to congratulate us on our wedding and a nice little table facing the shoreline. Our waitress was very sweet and attentive. I started off with the Pau Hana, a "relaxing cocktail at the end of the day" with gin, lime, guava and a hint of ginger. Mama was right; it was delicious, relaxing, and not too sweet.
Mama's Fish House Maui

After nibbling on some home-made poppy seed bread with honey butter, for our appetizer, we decided on the guacamole with crab (which was yummy) but oddly one of the highlights for me of the meal was an amuse bouche of asparagus soup. The tiny bowl was just enough to know it was DELICIOUS and I finished DC's off too! They also gave us a taste of home-made poi (mashed taro) which we both didn't like; too bland.

For my entree, I knew I had to get fish that they catch locally and serve within 24 hours. I had the mahi mahi (caught by fisherman Matt Smith) stuffed with king crab with a macadamia nut crust. it was served with local vegetables and a white wine pineapple sauce (my second favorite thing I ate that day - it was soooo good). DC had the ribeye with roasted vegetables. My fish had a great flavor and DC's ribeye with a chimichurri-like sauce was also delicious.
Mama's Fish House Maui fresh caught fish and ribeye

For dessert, that was hard to even think about(!), we had the chocolate pie with a caramel cookie crust. It was the best dessert we had on trip and one I am still thinking about it. The abundance of caramel really did it for me.
Mama's Fish House Maui chocolate dessert

After taking some pictures as the sun was beginning to set, we waddled out of Mama's, passing by notes from famous diners and beautiful fresh flower after beautiful fresh flower.
Mama's Fish House Maui fresh flowers
Mama's Fish House Maui

Mahalo, Mama's, for a great meal! Click to see what else we did in Maui and check out our early morning adventure to Haleakala summit for the sunrise. You can see all the Hawaii honeymoon posts here and follow on Instagram at #alohacovals.

All photos by me.


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  1. isn't it crazy when you come home with that many photos?! It takes me a week just to organize them. loving all the Hawaii posts and look forward to more.


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