We're married!

We are back from our honeymoon in Hawaii and oh ya, we are married! It was an absolutely perfect, wonderful, definition of "best day ever" and I cannot wait to share many more photos of us, our friends/family & all the details that made the day so special. For now, here are a few shots and peruse our #meetthecovals feed. Also much more to come on Hawaii next week.

PS: Thanks to my guest bloggers for posting while I was gone! In case you missed any of the posts:



  1. So beautiful!!!! Your dress was beyond gorgeous!


  2. Gorgeous!! Congrats girl, you looked amazing!

  3. Many congrats! You look like you had a ton of fun and I bet H'awaii was great too!

  4. congratulations! i love love your dress! and i had so much fun following along your honeymoon on instagram! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  5. you are glowing! i love your dress.


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