Hawaii Honeymoon: 3 Days in Kauai

Kauai Honeymoon itinerary and tips
For the second stop on our honeymoon in Hawaii (revisit Honolulu here), we stayed on the east side of Kauai in a little town called Kapaa. To save a little, we decided to Airbnb on this island and found a gem of a condo right on the beach in Kapaa. We were so happy with our decision on the Airbnb and location as it was easy to travel north and south to the towns & beaches around the island.
Day 1 
After taking the tiniest Island Air plane from Honolulu, we landed at Lihue airport on Kauai. We got our convertible rental car - so fun! - and since we had a few hours before chick-in at the Airbnb, we drove up to the north shore of Kauai to explore Princeville. Our first pit stop was Kilauea Lighthouse that is known for all the red-footed booby birds. There were so many - it was amazing! It's hard to tell in the photos but if you see a white speck, it's a bird!

We stopped at a few other spots, like the St. Regis Princeville, then landed in the cutest town, Hanalei, for a delicious lunch at Bubba Burgers. Funnily enough, one of the owners is from the Boston area so there were Boston sports paraphernalia (especially Red Sox) inside the restaurant. We each had a cheeseburger and split the chili cheese fries. YUM. It was perfect fuel for walking around and window shopping in the town (mom, if you're reading this, let's recreate that hanging shell piece!).
Driving back to Kapaa, we realized how different Kauai felt to Honolulu - so much more of the "Hawaii" that we had in mind. Due to the rainforest environment, we had to stop a couple times and raise the convertible roof for a quick 2-5 minute rain shower to pass! #tourists - ha!

Checking into our Airbnb, we were thrilled with the location to the beach, laid back pool area, and cozy condo with a great view! After sitting on that piece of driftwood below to watch the sunset (#nofilter), we had our first dinner in Kauai at Hukilau Lani which was walking distance. Visit my foodie post what to eat in Hawaii to see the ahi poke nachos we had here - yum!

Day 2
We were up early, so went to a local pub to watch the Patriots game at 7am our time. It was great because the bar is BYOB and serves breakfast starting at 7. It was fun to watch with a bunch of football fans from the mainland, and we had the whole day ahead of us when the game ended! After the game, we took a drive to Waimea Canyon. This is essentially the "Grand Canyon" of Kauai. The views were amazing as we headed up to 5000 ft. above sea level. The terrain, vegetation and colors changed so much as we drove...
Kauai red dirt falls
Kauai waimea canyon lookout

Gotta love roadside "sweets" + beautiful flowers...
We drove through Kokee State Park to see the Napali Coast at the Kalalau Lookout. It's one of the wettest places on earth, so sadly we didn't get the best views because of the clouds but still beautiful. The fog and mist created a very ethereal feeling. The temp on the drive up in elevation changed dramatically; thanks, hubby, for the sweatshirt! After we sampled some fresh coconut water - delicious.

After we drove back down to sea-level (note: if you get car sick or motion sick, highly recommend taking a Dramamine or something similar for the windy ride down. I didn't and it was brutal. No pics from the ride down because I had my eyes closed and doing deep breathing.) and took a swim at Poipu Beach Park - click to see that post.
Kauai Poipu beach

Driving home we went through this really cool tree tunnel - I tried to snap a pic while we were driving!
That night was dinner at Lava Lava Beach Club, also next to our Airbnb and right on the beach. The food was so good but since it was dark, my pictures aren't great so none to share here. It's a fun vibe with live music, a big bar, and beach games like Jenga and corn hole. One cute thing they did with the check was give us a postcard that we could write to ourselves and they would send out (flash forward to being home and a week later the post card arriving - we were so nostalgic!). We ended this night by their bonfire with a drink.
Kauai Lava Lava Beach Club

Day 3
Our last full day in Kauai we did a Kayak Adventures tour that took us kayaking on the Wailua River and then short hike through the rainforest to "secret waterfall" aka Uluwehi Waterfall. It was 2 miles of kayaking each way and 1 mile hike each way. We had a blast and were exhausted afterwards too. Hiking through all the mud (as you'll see below), sore legs and arms, some bumps and bruises, were worth it for the experience and swimming in the waterfall. Highly recommend doing this if you go to Kauai! It was reasonably priced too - and includes lunch. These photos are all slightly ridiculous & blurry because I took them with the GoPro so had no idea where I was pointing the camera half the time (LOL) and there are water drops on the lens! #cestlavie
After the kayak & hiking tour, we relaxed a bit by the Airbnb pool then shopped a bit in Kapaa town. So many cute shops - definitely grab coffee at Java Kai and shop next door at Shipwrecked Kauai. Dinner that night at Jo2 Restaurant (see more food in Kauai here) and this lobster ramen dish was delicious as it was beautiful - a perfect cap to our time in Kauai.
Kauai Jo2 Restaurant lobster ramen

My only regret, and I use that word very loosely because ultimately I love everything we did, I wish we had driven to the west coast and seen the Napali Coast from Polihale State Park. Guess we have a reason to go back. :)

This was the sunrise from our Airbnb the morning we left. 

Take a look at our time in Honolulu and the North Shore of Oahu and follow along #alohacovals on Instagram. Next stop, Maui

All photos by me.



  1. this is incredible! best honeymoon ever!

  2. Such great pictures. Looks perfect for honeymooning! Love the hanging shell art! I got the stuff lets do it ��


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