2 cookbooks I can't stop cooking from

Dining in and Healthyish cookbooks
I was in a dinner/food rut earlier this year so ordered 2 new cookbooks to add to my collection:

The hubby and I try to eat healthy the majority of the week, so I do make some swaps or changes to some recipes. I love both these cookbooks because they have unique food pairings, the recipes inspire me to create my own meal, and they are relatively easy recipes for a weeknight (and an average cook like me!).

What I've made so far from Healthyish:
  • Salty watermelon, feta, mint, and avocado salad (added shrimp)
  • Sausage, potato, white bean, and kale soup (did chicken sausage)
  • Chicken and greens sauté with peanut sauce (this peanut sauce is soooo good)
  • Banh mi rice bowls with spicy pork and sriracha mayo (we skipped the sriracha mayo + just did hot sauce of our choice)
  • Baked swordfish with tomatoes, corn, and green beans 

What I've made so far from Dining In:
  • Spelt with crispy sausage, flowering broccoli, and green garlic (I used farro)
  • Crispy chickpeas and lamb with greens and garlicky yogurt
  • Baked eggs with crushed chickpeas, chorizo, and bread crumbs (breakfast for dinner!)
  • Cumin-roasted cauliflower and dates with tahini and pine nuts (had store-bought rotisserie chicken on the side)

Do you have these cookbooks? What are some of your favorite cookbooks?

PS: A few other of my go-to, favorite cookbooks are Cravings and both Skinnytaste cookbooks.

Photo by me.


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