Lower East Side NYC Ice Cream Crawl

Lower East Side NYC Ice Cream Crawl

#eatingfortheInsta takes on new meaning with an ice cream crawl on the Lower East Side in New York City.  My friends and I took the afternoon to taste and photograph the most delicious and inventive ice cream treats in New York City.

We picked 5 locations that were within a 2 mile walking distance on the Lower East Side. Off we went...!

Stop #1 Ice & Vice
Ice & Vice is known for small batch, unique flavors, that rotate per season, and ice cream pies. It's the perfect kick off for the ice cream crawl. Pictured below: breakfast club ice cream (brown butter banana ice cream with candied bacon waffle pieces) in a birthday cake cone topped with detention ice cream pie (malted vanilla ice cream, marshmallow fruity pebble crust)The cone tasted JUST like funfetti cake and the ice cream flavor combo was salty sweet.
Ice & Vice Lower East Side NYC Ice Cream

Stop #2 Stax Ice Cream
Stax Ice Cream's claim to fame is the cremella or donut ice cream sandwich. You can create your own choosing your donut "sandwich" and ice cream flavor with toppings or pick from their signature cremellas. Pictured below: on the left fruity pebbles cremella (fruity pebbles ice cream topped with sprinkles and matcha drizzile in a glazed donut) and on the right s'more please cremella (s'mores ice cream topped with brownie bites, graham cracker dust and nutella drizzle in a chocolate glazed donut). Talk about a perfect bite!
Stax Ice Cream cremella ice cream donut sandwich NYC

Stop #3 Wowfulls
Keeping with the ice cream mashup, Wowfulls combines a freshly made waffle (in a chosen flavor) with ice cream and toppings. Make your own or choose their tried and true combinations. Pictured below: limited edition pineapple express collaboration featuring pineapple soft serve in a waffle topped with tropical fruit and a mini umbrella! The combination transported me back to Hawaii and the waffle was so light and tasty.
Wowfulls ice cream waffle cone NYC

Stop #4 BingBox Snow Cream
BingBox offers a modern interpretation of the traditional shaved ice with 8 unique combinations of ice cream, shaved ice and toppings which they call snow cream. Pictured below: mango snow cream (mango soft serve with shaved ice topped with lychee, granola and matcha drizzle). It's hard to describe the texture of the creamy shaved ice; it is so refreshing, light and tasty. We also got soft serve peach ice cream topped with chocolate chips served in a waffle cone with matcha Pocky (first photo).
BingBox Snow Cream ice cream shaved ice NYC

Stop #5 10Below Ice Cream
10Below Ice Cream serves Thai hand-rolled ice cream created right in front of you. Time-lapse video is below! They have 12 different flavor combinations. Pictured below: cookie monster (vanilla ice cream with Oreo cookies). The experience of watching them create the rolled ice cream was so fun and it was the perfect tasty end to our ice cream crawl!
10Below Thai hand rolled ice cream NYC

Looking forward to trying more inventive ice cream treats around NYC!

All photos by me and my friend.


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