Hello from Ethan's mom!

Well it's been nearly a year since I last posted on this little old blog! Since that time, I am now a mother of an 8 month old boy! He was born 6 days earlier than his due date. When I found out my due date was May 4th, 2019 (just 6 days before my 34th birthday), I was excited to have a May baby and a fellow-Taurus. "Luckily" with his April 29th birthday, he is still a Taurus but now we have an April baby. 😉 Also, I wasn't thrilled with the "may the fourth be with you" memes for his birthday, so good job, baby boy, on arriving early. 😉

All kidding aside, when my water broke at 2am on April 28th, I was SHOCKED. "This couldn't be it," I thought. I must have just lost control of my bladder... right?!? 🤣 For the 9+ months of my pregnancy, I mostly enjoyed it all. But even the night before knowing that my due date was a week away, I hadn't fully let myself think about the labor + delivery and basically pushed aside how the baby was going to come into this world and that he WAS going to come into this world.  Anyways, it was "it" (lol), and 25 hours later, Ethan Thomas was born.

I could write about the million thoughts I've had, highs and lows, and share alllll the photos of what has happened in between that day and today. But frankly, in sitting down at my computer so many times over the last few months and thinking, "maybe I will blog again", I felt overwhelmed to "post it all". So I am not. I'm ready to share and write and be creative again through this outlet but not putting pressure on myself.

So maybe, I will come back to that in between, but for now I will leave you with a few things I am loving right now...

  • Ethan's tiny 2 front teeth - top ones are coming soon, I think!

  • Finally reading Educated, and it is as good as everyone says it is.

I made my Instagram private due to a lot of spam, but feel free to request a follow.  I am also toying with updating the look of this blog and maybe moving away from Blogger (we shall see). 🙂


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