My favorite Amazon Purchases

I have been a loyal Amazon Prime subscriber for many years. Right now with my husband and I both working full time and having a small child, the variety of products I can get on Amazon in 2 days (or less!) is invaluable in saving time and energy. Here are my favorite products from 2019 that I bought on Amazon.

Cameron's K-Cup Coffee Pods: I religiously use my Keurig each morning and I have been cognizant of all the plastic that most K-Cup pods use. I switched to Cameron's that are free of the plastic case, and I feel much better about cutting back (even a little) on my landfill contributions. Plus, they have a variety of yummy flavors!

LED Night Light: This night light shines the perfect amount of light in our hallway and looks more modern & unobtrusive than other night lights.

Bandanna Bib Set: 10 bibs for $20 is a good deal(!), and I love these patterns & the bandanna style for Ethan.

Earlobe Earring Support Patches: I read about these on another blog (I can't remember which one now) and a friend has used them before, as well. These patches are great and really make a difference to support my earlobes when I wear bigger earrings.

The Laundress Stain Remover: My sister-in-law gave this to me as part of a bag of goodies for my baby shower. It's the BEST stain remover I have used. The Laundress Stain Remover is pricey but concentrated. I am on my 3rd bottle!

What are your favorite products bought on Amazon?


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