An Etsy Shop With The Cutest Onesies

cute onesies on etsy

I stumbled upon this Etsy shop, Bitty and Boho, during my pregnancy and immediately favorited so many onesies for the baby. For my shower, my mom got me the Zero Fox Given onesie and Cousins Make The Best Friends onesies for Ethan and his cousin Oliver (born last August!).

cute onesies on etsy

I recently bought the Zero Fox Given onesie in a bigger size because I just love it so much - always makes me laugh! In the same order, I got an E is for Ethan custom name onesie. I also like the No Drama Llama onesie, From Little Seeds Grow Mighty Seeds, and some of the other personalized onesies that would be cute for a first birthday.

Photos by me.


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