Ethan's Mobile

My aunt and grandma created Ethan's mobile in his nursery. I planned to buy a woodland mobile for his "forest friends" themed nursery, and my aunt was taking up needle felting so offered to have his mobile be her first project.  She created the majority of the mobile creatures, which turned out SO cute, and my grandma did the purple mountains majesty...

My grandma sadly passed away a year ago today. She was so looking forward to meeting her great-grandchildren, Ethan and Oliver (my nephew). Having this mobile above Ethan each night, she is watching over him, and all of us.

Ethan's middle name is in memory of her. Her name was Thelma, so we took the "th" and Thomas it was for his middle name.

3 generations (well 4 if you count the bump not pictured!) at my baby shower just over a year ago. 💛

You can see more (much more beautiful) photos of the mobile and Ethan's nursery on my cousin's blog who designed the room, Jessica Ford Design.

We miss you, grandma!


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