Happy Birthday, Ethan!

Dear Ethan,

Happy First Birthday! A year has passed, it's hard to believe, since you came into this world and brought us a joy and a love that we never knew existed until you. This last year you have taught me so much about myself not only as a mother but as a person.

A few things to know about you...
  • Your smile and belly laugh are infectious; you are so happy and make everyone around you happy!
  • You are not a good napper but a champion night sleeper the last 6 months. 🤞
  • Your favorite foods are blueberries, sweet potato, chickpea pasta, Bamba puffs and mozzarella cheese.
  • You love snuggling your blue teddy bear, "singing" along with peek-a-boo bun bun, watching cars drive by out the living room window, going on walks, watching any ceiling fan, reading Baby Elephant finger puppet book, and playing with "your remote".
  • You have perfected the laugh/cry and the double wave. 👋👋 You do the cutest thing when you wave: you look at your hand moving, almost like, "oh, I didn't know I could do this" 🤣
  • You say "dada", "ba ba" (bottle) and "nigh nigh" (night night). 
Thank you for making us parents; I've equally loved seeing your Dada as a dad this past year. He's the best.

We love you so much! 💛

Mama and Dada


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