Week 4 at Home

Just some random thoughts for this last week...
  • The nice days (warm and not rainy, doesn't event need to be sunny) are the best and "easiest" days for me. I know I will get outside and walk for at least an hour. We sometimes take 2 walks... it's the best for my mental and physical health!  Yesterday we took Ethan in the backyard and he crawled around with some toys. 
  • Ethan started clapping! Doug and I are reminding ourselves that the silver lining here is having all this time with Ethan at this age that we wouldn't have otherwise had and that is priceless. We will look back one day and be thankful.
  • I am getting "creative" about using leftovers- the other night we had enchiladas and I used the extra flour tortillas to make breakfast quesadillas. Go me! 😉
  • Loving this series on Dinner a Love Story blog: Project, Pantry, Purpose - the author, Jenny, posts a few times a week with a baking Project, Pantry recipe, and one Purpose... fun and inspiring to follow along!
  • This article really resonated with me.
  • Living in this loungewear from Target's Stars Above line.
  • If you are a fan of Hamilton, this is a must watch - start at 11 mins.
'Til next week!


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