Weeks 2 and 3 at Home

After a very rough first week, I am happy to report that weeks 2 and 3 at home were on a whole much better. The main reason for this is due to Governor Baker closing nonessential businesses and Trump pushing the tax deadline, so Doug is now able to be at home. 🙌 It really was going to be a make or break for both of our sanities.

Heading into week 2 at home, my mood was significantly better and we had a plan to set up a decent schedule to take turns watching the baby and getting our work done.  By the end of week 2 and into week 3, all three of us seemed to be in a good groove.

I am living for the nice days where we can get outside. We sometimes take 2 walks a day. Ethan loves walks!

Last week, my brother defended his dissertation over Zoom, so we family got to watch and celebrate that night. It was awesome!

But in being honest, every day is Groundhog Day. I hate the feeling of wishing the days away. Ethan just turned 11 months old; his first birthday is around the corner. It's insane that a year has gone by... feels like yesterday and 1 million years ago... so I am trying to remind myself to enjoy. As much as it makes me sad that he is losing out on time with grandparents, other family and friends, plus other activities we could do with him, having him home now means we are getting a lot of "extra" time with him (as he would have been at daycare).

On Wednesday this last week, I felt the creeping in of the overwhelming feeling that the day was going to suck. And it did. Ethan was up at 5:30am and I had basically "had a day" already before 9am when work time would start.  I was anxious, tired and had the whole day ahead of me/us. I cried a little, accepted it was going to likely be not the best day and pushed on the best I could. Wine at the end of of the day and watching Ozark was what I worked toward.

A friend sent me this screenshot of a Tweet; it really stuck with me.

Given I had about 10 "positive" days before that, I am just going to accept that the up + down days will happen.

To end this post, the below gave me a chuckle

'Til my next "diary" entry... stay safe and stay home!


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