Ethan's Favorite Baby Toys 0-12 months

Best Baby Toys 0-12 Months
Ethan turned 15 months old on July 29th! I am sharing his favorite baby toys during the first year. Check out more the best baby toys and other first year baby essentials here and toddler (a growing list!) here.

Baby Einstein star: This is an OG toy used from the early days and he still likes listening to the music. 
Finger puppet book: We still read this every night. He loves when the elephant "moves". :)
Peek-a-boo bunny: He also still loves this toy; it has never ceased to make him giggle from the start!
Loveevery play gym: This was a favorite resting place for many months. It's great quality. 
Sofie the Giraffe: He loved chewing on this so much we bought 2!

Photo by me, created in Canva.


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