Week 9 at Home and On Our State Starting to Reopen

The weekend was a really nice one: a mix of fun, laziness and productivity...and A LOT of outside time. Thank you, Mother Nature! We took 2-3 walks with Ethan each day, so I walked ~13k steps on both days! I love taking him outside and having an alfresco snack or in this case, dinner!  Our neighbors' kid gave us a social distance "magic show" too; it was so cute!

Massachusetts's governor announced yesterday a 4-phase plan for reopening our state. I feel mixed emotions... part of me is ready for some sense of normalcy, part of me is scared to go anywhere. Part of me cannot wait until Ethan can go back to his daycare/school this summer (hopefully?!) and part of me doesn't even want to send him because of all the unknowns. I guess we will see how the next month or so pans out...

Here are a few other links I liked over the last week:

Can you believe it's almost Memorial Day weekend?! Totally doesn't feel like it...


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