Weeks 7 and 8 At Home - Celebrations During Coronavirus

The last 2 weeks at home we celebrated Ethan's first birthday, Mother's Day and my 35th birthday. All these celebrations weren't how we pictured, but we have made the most of it! I am continuing to try to stay mindful and thankful that we are healthy and so is everyone we know (knock on wood). May 10th was a "double whammy" of Mother's Day and my birthday falling on the same day. Doug, Ethan and my family + friends made these celebrations special... thank you!

Ethan is starting to get more "adventurous" and stand on his own! We are ready for you to take your first steps, baby! (sorry for the grainy pic)

This time is a good reminder that health and being surrounded by the people you love is what is most important. 💛

Stay tuned later this week for our The Front Steps Project photos! xo


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