30 Day Song Challenge

I am not sure where this 30 day song challenge originated on Instagram, but I discovered it through Things I Bought and Liked (maybe she started it!). I thought it would be fun to do for the month of May, and I shared them all on my Instagram stories (and there is a highlight saved). Here I wanted to give more context into why I chose the songs that I did, and perhaps inspire you to do for the month of July!
  1. A song you like with a color in the title: Yellow by Coldplay - Yellow is my favorite color and have always loved this song.
  2. A song you like with a number in the title: Just the Two of Us by Will Smith - the first song that came to mind. 
  3. A song that reminds you of summertime: All Night Longer by Sammy Adams - this was our jam the last few summers in Newport (close seconds = basically anything by Kenny Chesney) 
  4. A song that reminds you of someone you'd rather forget: Return of the Mack by Mark Morrison - this prompt felt so negative so I flipped it to a song that reminds me of someone I'll never forget: this is my and Doug's "song" that we danced to at a bar (drunkenly lol) the first night we met. 
  5. A song that needs to be played loud: It's All Coming Back to Me Now by Celine Dion - lots of fun memories with my SIL and friends belting this one out 
  6. A song that makes you want to dance: Shake it Off by Taylor Swift - cannot help but dance around sillily when this song plays
  7. A song to drive to: Days Go By by Keith Urban - this song makes me want to drive with the windows down and feel the breeze
  8. A song about drugs or alcohol: Rehab by Amy Winehouse - first song that came to mind
  9. A song that makes you happy: Treasure by Bruno Mars - one of my fave songs ever, love Bruno!
  10. A song that makes you sad: You Can Close Your Eyes by James Taylor - my mom used to sing this song to us as babies/kids. I cannot help but cry my eyes out when I hear it. I had it on a playlist for Ethan and had to take it off because I always cried! 😭
  11. A song you never get tired of: Home by Phillip Phillips - a friend told me this song was the only one that quieted her colicky baby. Whenever Ethan is too fussy and can't get to sleep, I play this and it AMAZINGLY works like a charm to calm him. I've listened to it more times than I can count.
  12. A song from your preteen years: Wannabe by Spice Girls - this song came out when I was in 6th grade
  13. A song you like from the 70s: September by Earth, Wind & Fire - always a favorite
  14. A song you'd love to be played at your wedding: Wonderwall by Boyce Avenue - this cover was our first dance song 💑
  15. A song you like that's a cover by another artist: When The Stars Go Blue by Tim McGraw - I have always liked this song and wasn't even sure who the original artist is...turns out it is Ryan Adams. I love the version by The Corrs too.
  16. A song that's a classic favorite: Higher Love by Steve Winwood - just like this song 
  17. A song you'd sing a duet with someone on karaoke: You're the One That I Want from Grease - this is an easy and fun duet that came to mind
  18. A song from the year you were born: Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go by Wham! - 1985's #3 song of the year
  19. A song that makes you think about life: In My Life by The Beatles - came to mind first and when I was at camp as a kid, I learned this song in sign language.
  20. A song that has many meanings to you: I Want It That Way by Backstreet Boys - this song reminds me of so many good times with my family and friends for 20 years
  21. A song you like with a person's name in the title: Barbara Ann by The Beach Boys - we have been playing a lot of The Beach Boys for Ethan lately, he loves!
  22. A song that moves you forward: Hold On by Wilson Phillips - this song makes me feel strong
  23. A song you think everybody should listen to: Levels by Avicii - I couldn't think of one for this day, so this is Doug's pick (his fave song ever) 🤣
  24. A song by a band you wish were still together: It's Gonna Be Me by *NSYNC - wouldn't hate a reunion and this seemed like a good song to do since it was May
  25. A song you like by an artist no longer living: Waterfalls by TLC - Left Eye's rap! 
  26. A song that makes you want to fall in love: It Had to Be You by Harry Connick Jr. - When Harry Met Sally is my fave movie and I walked down the aisle to an instrumental version of this song
  27. A song that breaks your heart: Remember When by Alan Jackson - oh man, this one is a tear jerker, even more now that we are parents. 
  28. A song by an artist whose voice you love: Orinoco Flow by Enya - love her voice. Her music is what I play to relax
  29. A song you remember from your childhood: Down By the Bay by Raffi - been listening to Raffi again with Ethan! When I was a kid, we had a version of this song we made for members of my family. I was "Did you ever see Jaime, playing a game-y" down by the bay... 😊
  30. A song that reminds you of yourself: Cruise by Florida Georgia Line - I wasn't sure what song to pick here, but I have loved this song since came out; I never turn it off when hearing it; and it always puts me in a good mood. It reminds me of meeting Doug and we processed down the aisle at our wedding to an instrumental version. 


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