New Books for Ethan and Why

I wrote this post in the middle of the night last Saturday night. Wasn't sure if I was going to actually post it. A lot has transpired since then but decided to share anyways. 🖤

I am awake and really anxious at 2 am. The last couple of days have been filled with grim news and images around the Coronavirus, the death of George Floyd, and our country divided more than ever and on fire. I went to bed reading social media and articles, filling my brain with so much and feeling sad for our country and helpless; it's no wonder I woke up this way.

I admit I have a tendency to put my head in the sand and turn off the news when bad things are happening, opting for a podcast on my favorite Bravo shows vs. news/"real life" podcasts and content. I rationalized it with saying to myself that I have enough going on in my life, enough to think and worry about, etc. I don’t need anything else. But I can’t do that anymore. But this all feels like so much that I don’t know where to begin. 

And then, these 2 Instagram posts really resonated with me.

What I took away from these posts, and other insightful and educational articles from The Everymom and Cup of Jo to name two, is that I can start small and I can start with Ethan. My job is to raise Ethan the best I can — I say “I” because this is my blog but really it’s we, Doug and I — we need to raise Ethan with our values, practices of kindness and inclusivity, and teach him about different types of people (etc.). We can, as individuals and as a family, further seek out people and stories that aren’t like us by color of their skin but also by who they love, what language they speak, where they live, what they believe, etc. We can share those stories with others. We can stay informed and listen. We can surround ourselves with people who match our values and not seek out or distance ourselves from those that don’t... We can VOTE.

I ordered some new board books that promote and show diversity + inclusivity, and books with main characters that are not white. It might not be much, but it feels like a good first step, for a 13 month old.

I focused on buying board books as otherwise, he would rip them to shreds. Below includes the books seen above and a few others I didn’t buy but liked:
I saved some hardcover/paperback books for toddlers and older kids that are right now either too mature for E or not a board book. Here are some:

I’d love to hear any other ideas and resources you have.🖤

There are Amazon affliliate links above. Any commissions made will be donated to Boston After School & Beyond, an organization that brings "quality learning to more children in Boston".


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  1. I feel the same way about what is going on. It is upsetting and it has been an issue for so long and I feel like now is the time for me to learn more and also to act. I feel sad that people go through this treatment based on their race. I love the board book idea for your son, it is a great way to start incorporating more diversity and to start those conversations early on. Take care!


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