The New Normal*

*For now

We kicked off our new normal this week. Ethan's daycare officially canceled their summer offerings a few weeks back, so we have a babysitter coming to watch him a few days a week. Doug and I are regularly going back to our offices (we both work at small businesses with not a lot of people and are social distancing in our own spaces + wearing masks otherwise). It's only been a few days, but I already feel more productive and energized in various aspects of my life. Granted, it is back to craziness in the morning getting everyone prepped for the day before the sitter comes, but when I come home, I feel like I enjoy my babe and house more. 

I say "for now", as we don't know what the future brings with the Coronavirus. Case numbers in Mass. have been on the decline which is great news. I try not to think too much into the fall (and future) because really it is so unpredictable. We hope that Ethan's daycare will open in some capacity this fall. I think the time learning with teachers and interacting with other kids was SO good for him; I hope he gets that again soon. For now, enjoying our new normal as much as we can... That includes a full on TODDLER who is walking, throwing mini tantrums, saying new words, going through sleep training, getting more teeth... every day is a new adventure! 😆

We also recently expanded our "pod" to include our immediate family, one friend family, and our sitter. We are all practicing best social distancing, mask wearing, etc. so I feel OK right now in our decision to open up a bit. Again, it's all for now. Stay healthy! 


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