Holiday Decorations Wishlist

matching christmas family pajamas

It's 2 months until Christmas and some of my favorite brands have started sharing their holiday lines. Usually, I am on the "it's too soon!" bandwagon, but this year, I am ready for all things holiday to decorate our house for Christmas... the earlier the better the earliest my hubby will let me decorate, the better! 🤣

Two years ago we bought a fake Christmas tree, and while I love the activity of buying a real tree and the smell, it was the best decision. Having a small baby last year, and now with a toddler this year, not having to deal with the tree needles everywhere is so nice. Plus, this candle creates the perfect, nostalgic fresh tree smell all through the house! (I am thinking this year it will be fun to get small tree just for Ethan, that will be easy and not too much upkeep.)

Considering we are probably going to be spending more time at home this winter, here is what is on my wishlist for holiday decorations this year to get in the Christmas spirit:

What holiday decor are you buying this year? Would love to see in the comments!

Pic by me, December 2019.


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