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toddler on slide

"Where flowers bloom, so does hope." - Lady Bird Johnson

Cheesy, yes... the inspiration we all need right now, also yes. Hello, it's me, and it's been a while!  It was a busy and somehow not-so-busy winter. We were home, well Ethan was at school (thankfully and safely), but we pretty much hunkered down over the winter to get to where we are now. The weather has turned; it's mostly sunny and warmer days now.  And, we have a toddler boy. He is a busy(!) and LOVES being outside, from running around in the backyard, to visiting our neighbors' chickens, to going on walks... it's been a lot of fun to see Ethan transition from a baby to a toddler the last several months. He is talking so much with many new words and short sentences each day. He is making his opinions known too, for better or worse! Oh toddler meltdowns, those are fun. 🙃

But mostly, I am feeling really hopeful. Hubby and I will be fully vaccinated by the end of the month, as will most of our family members + close friends/quarantine team. My bro, sis in law & nephew and dad + stepmom will be coming up to Mass. for the summer. It's been 6+ months since we have all been together! I can't wait for lots of hugs.

A few things that we have been loving lately:

  • I got these toddler letter hats for Ethan + my nephew and can't wait to see them wear them together!
  • I've become obsessed with these headbands that actually don't hurt my head when wearing all day.
  • Ethan is all about Daniel Tiger these days! (which is a nice change of pace from Mother Goose Club for the last year, haha)
  • I purchased a few new makeup and skincare products for the changing of the seasons, and this tinted face serum and this toner spray are what I am using daily.
  • I am into matching pajamas and got this set for the summer. 🌈

Looking forward to a fun + safe summer with this guy. 💛
toddler running outside

Pics by me. 


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